It took almost fifteen years before I created one for myself to wear, though I knew the painting I wanted to recreate for many years. The Bone Player by William Sydney Mount depicts a handsome "Mr. Bones", a traditional member of one of the Minstrel troupes that performed throughout the South during the 1800's. The bones are a big part of my life, since I have been making, teaching and playing them since 1983. When my parents-in-law saw the painting hanging in the Boston Museum of Art, they sent me the postcard that I would one day wear on my own jacket. The process became more high-tech, with the image scanned and scaled up to 11.75"x10", then printed on heat-transfer paper and ironed on to a light canvas material. To reproduce the smooth, subtle color changes in the skin, I split the six-stranded floss into three strands, and in places stitched one color over another to simulate the blending of paint. I still did not keep track of the actual hours spent, but the first stitch was made on January 1st, 2000, and the finished piece was attached to the back of my leather jacket on June 1, 2001.

Level of complexity: high
Value per square inch: $75.00
Dimensions: 11.75"x10""=117.5 sq. in.
Commission value: $8812.50